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Uselessness Ink Art Exhibition 無用之美文墨展









Slowness is a choice when we are living in a fast paced era. 

Uselessness refers to dedicatedly enjoy and live in the present without running for a quick success. You will find that the scenery of your journey is far more attractive than the target you have achieved, and this is the nature of beauty.

Beauty is attached to nature and art, and the core of beauty is people.

“There really is no such a thing as Art. There are only artists. “

What art bring to us is to cultivate our perception of the world and to develop our expression; we use the beauty of uselessness to nourish our everyday life.

The exhibition brings out the philosophy of life and allows people to find the essence of beauty through traditional art as well as to discover the wisdom and happiness of ancients.

Project Gallery

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